Dream of Self-Employment? Afraid it might be a nightmare? Make it a dream come true. Friday thoughts for your future Monday of self-employment.



Many of us respect individuals who have the gumption and savvy to successfully “go it alone.”

In many modern-day advanced economies, self-employment makes up a small percentage of the workforce – as low as 6.2% of the workforce in the U.S. and 8.6% in Canada.   In many parts of the world where economies are less developed, self-employment is common.

Many individuals – perhaps yourself – would like to count themselves among the self-employed.  But then, there are the “yeah, buts” and the “what ifs.”  

What if I don’t earn enough?

What if I encounter roadblocks?

What if, what if, what if……

What if I fail?

Come with me in the coming months – one post at a time – to look at the ins and outs of successful self-employment.  Yes, there is a path to personal agency for many in the form of gainful self-employment.


Kim Burkhardt, MBA has taught college-level business courses, is an occasional book and article writer, and has a self-employment background.  These days, Ms. Burkhardt is working with clients who are starting their own businesses.  She’s the author of Agents of Success: Moving Forward Professionally (Personal Application of Marketing Principles).  Check out her services at “The Practical MBA.”


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