About Us

Our market research and business development services enable clients to improve their business performance in meaningful ways.

Founder: Kim Burkhardt, MBA

Ms. Burkhardt, formerly of Burkhardt Research Services, has earned the tag line of The Practical MBA (seeing the whole picture, understanding and performing the multifaceted aspects of a project necessary for successful project completion), aka “The Jigsaw Puzzle Market Research Consultant.”  Kim Burkhardt’s professional background – as a market research consultant and writer – spans business, politics (Regional Field Director for a now-former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue), university teaching (business and media studies), social services, and promoting public volunteerism in prisons.  One way or another, she has always advanced client’s ability to achieve more.  Market research, writing, and generating clarity have been continued threads interwoven through her professional activities.

Ms. Burkhardt is the author of Competitive Intelligence Workbook (2001) and numerous business articles and reports – including a report quoted in a bill that made it to committee in the 110th U.S. Congress.  Businesses of various sizes have made strategic decisions based on market research studies she has conducted.  She was also the lead author on a study about mentoring of current and formerly incarcerated individuals.  A list of her publications is provided here.

Ms. Burkhardt also delivers periodic public presentations.  Examples include:

  • Seattle author presentations: Fall, 2016
  • Whatcom County Bar Association: 2012
  • Cascadia “Corrections and Communities” Conference hosted by University of Oregon UNESCO Chair: 2011
  • NYIT, Vancouver Campus – “Reflections on the 2008 Presidential Election”: 2010
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals – national conferences: Orlando 2006, New York 2007
  • Idaho State University, University of Texas: 2001

Kim Burkhardt was previously the principal at Burkhardt Research Services.

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