My Publications


  • RISING FROM OBSCURITY.  Biography of my Irish great-great grandmother.  Co-authored with a second-cousin-twice-removed in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.  Rising from Obscurity chronicles a rural Irish woman’s life (1863 to 1939).  Details about Irish life and genealogical research are woven into the tale.  Find the book here.



The “Personal Application of Marketing Principles” series:

  • AGENTS OF SUCCESS: MOVING FORWARD PROFESSIONALLY.  A follow up to (and an expansion of) my 2008 “SELF MARKETING” article. The whole topic of how we present ourselves at work – particularly how we communicate – is so critical to professional advancement that it deserves further attention.  My new updated publication retains the original “how to” formula on how to apply the principles of business marketing to personal communications – in ways that promote increased personal success – and adds new narrative commentary on the dynamics of communication styles and what lies behind our communication-style choices (for example, discussion on the misguided aversion to “self promote”).  Order pdf here ($3.00) or buy Amazon Kindle copy ($2.99).Agents of Success cover
  • WRITERS AS MARKETERS. An adaptation of “Agents of Success: Moving Forward Professionally” (above) for writers.  Contains “how to” tips and insights into how to self-promote as part of career development (develop a relationship with readers, agents, publishers).  Order pdf here ($3.00) or buy Amazon Kindle copy ($2.99).Writers_and_Marketing_cover
  • SOCIAL WORKERS AS SELF-MARKETERS.  An adaptation of “Agents of Success: Moving Forward Professionally” (above) for social workers.  Contains “how to” tips and insights into how to self-promote as part of career development (asserting your value as a social worker).  Order pdf here ($3.00) or buy Amazon Kindle copy ($2.99).Social_Workers_as_Marketers_covers

Praise for Agents of Success – Moving Forward Professionally:

“Women make great advocates… for everyone except themselves.  If it’s time to re-write your script and promote the brand called “you”, this article has great tools and tips to help you move forward.” Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

“Excellent reality check for getting a leg up in the competitive hiring environment we must all navigate.  Without awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, how can we inform others of what we can, or cannot do, for them?” Jerry Arnold, aerospace engineer


  • A privately circulated genealogical book.




  • COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE AND THE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE.  Article published in the quarterly Competitive Intelligence Review (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals).
  • COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE WORKBOOK: KNOW YOUR COMPETITORS, TRACK THEIR ACTIVITIES, PLAN YOUR STRATEGY. Book, used by companies in numerous countries, used as a university textbook in the U.S. and England.

1999 – PRESENT:

  • Endless reams of copy (text) – and site development – for various websites.

1998 – 2008:

  • Various privately-contracted market research reports, including one that was quoted in a bill that made it to committee in the 110th Congress.


  • HARRIET SUSANNAH ELLIS.  A biographical book about my Irish great-great grandmother (I am a co-author).  Spoiler: She was born in “Yeats Country” two years ahead of William Butler Yeats, married in Dublin the same year that James Joyce was born in that city, spent forty-two years raising ten children, and died the day that the Soviets invaded Poland. Here’s her Facebook page: Harriet
  • More info coming soon on other publications pending.

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